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Thursday, September 23, 2004

One for thewife Posted by Hello

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, then everything would appear to man as it is, infinite"... William Blake.... and the source of the Doors name.

Tenuous door link follows. Had my perception been cleansed at the time of tackling the "how hard can changing the hinges on a door and rehanging it be be?" question, I would have undoubtedly realised that such a task, if completed in the way one would like it to appear, it would certainly be infinite. I'm not entirely cack-handed, but I may as well have been. It doesn't fit the frame, the hinges aren't quite right and the previous hinge slots are very visible. I think thewife now regrets mentioning the possibility of me undertaking the task.

Bollocks! Caught by the Hypertension clinic. I haven't gone for a while and I sort of didn't bother renewing the prescription because, the blood pressure was down and.... well anyway pleasant nurse puts me as at ease as possible, whilst doing weight and height checks and taking blood. Taking or giving blood is something that my body is very loathe to do. I could never have been an I.V. Drug User, I have very thin practically invisible veins apparently and trained Phlebotomists have struggled to get the red stuff out of my right arm. I suggest the back of the hand and she looks at me saying we're not really supposed to do that. I'm thinking that in a few minutes I'm going to have a a few pin pricks on my arm and nurse will have given up and have to go for the back of the hand anyway. No, she tries the left arm and hey presto, its coming out, slowly, but coming out nevertheless. She apologisies for the bruise I am going to have, but me I'm just impressed that she found the vein.

Next its the blood pressure and this is the bit that's worrying me........... not helped by the earlier realisation that with 15 minutes to go, the appointment is for today and I haven't done the urine sample yet and thewife says it was supposed to have been the first pee of the day, midstream would be best. That's long been flushed away and I'm not sure if I can even do one and when I do I sort of miss, the bottle, not the pan! and then I think I'm not going to be able to do this and then I manage a few drops and wonder if its enough and then finally flow. Whoo-pee so to speak. Except that I am on holiday which entitles me to have partook of a number of glasses of wine last night and what the hell get a move on and you might make it.............. So I am sat there looking at the machine and knowing full well that the sight of one of these things, coupled with someone in a white coat and all my rushing around is guaranteed to have pumped my blood pressure right up. 228 over 143 I know this is bad, this is Hypertension. So off she goes to check with the doctor there and then to see if he will medicate. Bollocks! He comes back with her and its the one doctor in the practice I will NEVER make an appointment with. Comes across as arrogant and dismissive and he once gave me pain killers for a Hiatus Hernia where I gave a pretty accurate description of the symptoms. Anyway to cut a long story short, I took it on the chin and got the medication. I don't want the medication indefinitely, been there before and didn't like it. So went walking in the afternoon, and then shopping for a whole host of healthy goodies and pottassium enriched foodstuffs, such as bananas, which allegedly may help. The diet seriously starts here!

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